Save with a goal

BMP as a planned savings scheme to avoid money pressure during the beautiful occasions of your life.

Save to clear your debts

Clearing your debts will drop your money pressure. Money pool has already witnessed many of our customers utilized this scheme to pay off their debts and get profited from interest been not implied.

Save With Bonus

BMP unleashes you the chance for not only the best way to save your money but also to invest your money to earn extra benefits.

Why BMP?

Trusted Customers

Trusted Customers

All the members of the pool have undergone strict verification
for the goodwill of the Money Pool.

Payment Protection

Payment Protection

BMP will take responsibility for the member who couldnt make the payment for the flawless working of the Pool!!!

Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions

All the transaction through our BMP website is 128 bit encrypted which makes your information and personal data safe.

Dividend Amount

Dividend Amount

Each member of the Pool is eligible for the Dividend Amount and it will be transferred to your account automatically.

Low Payment Schedule

Low Payment Schedule

Our payment options are really convenient for the members and they are free to choose the payment date.

Higher Transparency

Higher Transparency

We as an Organisation showcase 100% transparency in our services and each member have the right to know more about it.

How Bunkers Money Pool Works?


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Thanks a lot for Bunkers money pool to come up with such a brilliant idea of "traditional money saving "... Read More

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The only backup from Bunkers money pool helped me to make my life much much easier and simple.. Read More

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Bunkers Money Pool was the right choice that I have ever made. It was million times better ..Read More

Why Not Save Money By Yourself?

When you are saving money on your own, it takes much longer time to save money.

Do you know why? NO!

Dont worry, we know why?

In your day to day life you will meet unexpected expenditures that will cause you to loose all your efforts to save money.

Look at John here,

John was saving money for a long time to visit Paris and click a pic with the Eiffel Tower but he couldn't because of his unexpected expenditures and other monthly expenses.