Our Services

1. Savings is easy and better

As it is only $100 per fortnight and is worth $6000, our savings scheme is something that anybody can achieve. And if you can pay $200 a fortnight it will be worth savings of $ 12,000 or a $ 300 to get you $18,000. Moreover, it is being a small portion of your income; our savings scheme would not leave you with lots of effort to save your own money. Like most of our members say, ‘ we did not even notice, a fortnight payment has been done and saved a good amount. Thank You BMP.’

Now, money pool savings is better than your other savings habits. Unlike your moneybox or savings account, money pool offers you the strength and value of a big saving amount form the day one you drop your first instalment money. Confused!!. Ok lets make it simple, if you drop a $100 in to your money box or so called “piggy bank” your saved money value in that box is only $100 but in money pool you have your hands on $6000 on the first instalment of $100 onwards.

You can also make lump –sum payment and need not get worried about shortage of money to pay the instalment.

2. Save your money with bonus

The money pool will have online bidding every month to win the pool amount for those who need it. The major portion of the bidding percentage will be distributed to the members of the pool. Each member in the pool there by is investing your money to save and get an additional benefit as well every month. This benefit is far easier to earn because it does not need initial deposit or a big figure monthly payment and it is better than any other savings schemes can offer. To know more about this contact us now.

3. Save with a goal

Celebrations, ceremonies and events are very essential in our life as they are the memories that we cherish tomorrow and they strengthen the bonding of your relationships. To enjoy those occasions it is equally important to have enough money to enjoy it and so is savings. Money pool enables you to save your money through small instalments for an upcoming event in your life and you can use the amount appropriately on the days of the occasions. You need not to have the worry of your savings money will be spent away prior to the occasion. It will be stay as such, until the day reach. Want to know more ?

4. Safe and secure savings

Is your money going down the drain?? Don’t worry you are not the only one with this issue, but most of us have the same issue and many of our members had this issue prior to joining money pool. It is not a deliberate act, but most of the time we do not take in how much we are spending on the bits and pieces. At the end of the day, you will see the drain of big amount money from your savings. Many of us having the tendency to transfer some amount from the savings account for buying things that are actually not needed but on fascination or may be for some other purpose that is not necessarily important. And this causes your savings account not growing as fast as you want it to.

Money pool does not make this happen. Our accountability and safe process will leave you time to think and to have a second thought “if the money need to be spend or not?” Unlike your savings account or ‘piggy bank’, you cannot simply transfer or pull out money from your money pool savings and thus your money is saved exactly how you wish to. Bmp guarantees a complete safety for your savings money and we take all the responsibilities. Do you think this is true ? Then contact us now.

5. Save to clear your debts

Everybody gets stuck with debts. It is something that you absolutely want to avoid and to achieve financial stability in your life once and for all. Money pool is a very beneficial scheme to clear off your abundant finances and bank loans of high interest rate. Many of our members already paid off their loan payments with the money pool amount and saved thousands of dollars, which they would have been paid as interest. Does this sound like something that you will be benefited with? If so contact us now to know how.